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Short Background About King David

King David lived about 3000 years ago.

He is one of the sons of Jesse and Nitzevet from Bethlehem and the grand-grandson of Ruth, a Moabite who converted to Judaism, and Boaz descendant of Juda (The Book Of Ruth).

David is second king of Israel, after Saul.

He build and turned a small Jebusean village into the Holy City of Jerusalem, and capital of Israel.  His life is described in the book of Samuel and The book of Chronicles.

10 Amazing Facts About King David


#1 He Wrote The Most Read Book in The World: The Book of Psalms

Through his life, he achieved the highest summits a man can reach and yet has been also on the ragged edge. He knew what sorrow, joy, fear and courage was. That is maybe why millions of people in the world read the Book of Psalms every day.

#2 King David Was Considered The Strongest Man On Earth

According to the scriptures, he was the recipient of the Holy Spirit which grants both supernatural physical strength and the feeling of being invulnerable (like Samson before him). When he was a shepherd, he is said to have killed lions and bears bare hands. He fought 18 wars and inherited his son a peaceful land!

#3 King David Received His Life As A Gift

King David was born and died on the same day according to the Jewish Calendar, on 6th of the month of Sivan. According to the Jewish tradition, the Evil Spirit prevent him to be born and so Adam, who was given 1000 years to live and foreseen the future, gave King David 70 years of his life and so died at the age of 930.

#4 Despite Being Rejected By His Family, David Was Elected King

David was 28 years old when G.od sent Samuel to appoint a new king from Jesse’s lineage. Since he was rejected by his father and brothers, they did not initially bothered to summon him for the selection of the king among the brothers

#5 The Holy Oil Used At The Coronation Leaped Itself On David’s Head

As Samuel prepared to anoint David with the oil that Moses prepared on Mount Sinai, the oil rose by itself and turned into a crown of diamonds and pearls on David’s head as a sign of eternal royalty.

#6 Angels Interfered At David’s Battle Against Goliath

When David killed Goliath, he fell forward instead of backward, his head plunging into the dirt. According to the scriptures, Angels pushed him to the ground as a punishment for cursing God and his People.

#7 David Swore Not to Build Himself A House Until He Build The Holy Temple, Residence of G.od On Earth

Therefore, from the age of 30 and until his death, he resided in the fortress on Mount Sion to supervise the construction of the foundations of Temple Mount.

#8 King David Was Also A Wild Dancer

When King David brought the Ark of the Covenant from Qiryat Yearim to Jerusalem, he felt submerged with endless joy and danced blissfully. His wife Michal saw him and felt so embarrassed that the Scriptures mention her criticizing him (book of Samuel, Chapter 2)

#9 David Was One Of The Wealthiest Man His His Time But Lived A Modest Lifestyle

The spoils of war collected by King David during his 18 wars resulted in unimaginable wealth. However, King David invested all this wealth for the acquisition of the materials required for the Temple construction, and used none of it for his personal benefit.

#10 David Was The Next Link in The Chain of Transmission of the Jewish Law

From the transmission of the Jewish law to Moses in Sinai, and so from generation to generation, one righteous person is chosen by G.od to become the next link in the chain of the transmission of the Jewish Law. David was the chosen one. He studied the Jewish Law nightly, and teached the people of Israel after the end of his wars.