3D Virtual Tour of Tower of David’s Museum


The 3d Scan needs a few moments to load, so bear with us and have a safe trip!

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Welcome to the Tower of David

We will be taking you on a journey of 3,000 years through the Citadel and the Museum exhibition.

The citadel was never meant to be a museum, it was a military fort throughout the centuries and I am happy that, today, the Citadel is a meeting point for all peoples.  I invite you now to come to the Citadel and the Museum exhibition.

You have entered a massive fortress that stands in the very spot that, for centuries, was the most vulnerable place in Jerusalem.  The most exposed point of the city.

So, it was natural to build defenses right here.  Everyone who was anyone in the history of Jerusalem set foot here – where you are standing right now.  Kings, conquerors, prophets, pilgrims and builders.